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mFLEX.io is a revolutionary cloud-based platform that offers multinational brands a comprehensive solution for all their retail campaign management needs. This collaboration platform allows all stakeholders to work together to build, customize, optimize, and deliver partner campaigns efficiently and effectively. With mFLEX.io, brands can easily localize their campaigns to meet the needs of their target audience and ensure that their message is consistent across different markets.

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One place for assets, features and guidance

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Centralized asset text and image localization

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Asset upload, review and approvals

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Asset production and co-marketing

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Secure sharing and downloads

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Analytics and execution excellence

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Institutional knowledge and insight

Use Cases
Campaigns with Videos and Offer Cards
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Campaigns with Videos and Offer Cards

With mFLEX.io, it is possible to create and distribute Social Media campaigns in just minutes. The Asset Explorer allows you to filter for social videos, add to the Quick Campaign creator, and select the partner, who is notified automatically about the available campaigns. mFLEX.io has Dynamic Content Creation, Customization and Localization, and with these built-in tools it is capable to construct the campaign in the background in seconds, taking the approved offer card template with the partner’s information and logo, the chosen offer and fading the offer card to the final video.

Dynamic Content Creation
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Dynamic Content Creation

The Dynamic Content Creation enables you to quickly customize your assets (i.e., Banners, Images, Text, Social Posts, etc.) and create completely unique assets for each partner without spending time and money with the agencies. Once you publish your asset package, mFLEX.io authorizes your partner to download the customized assets you selected for them with their own logo and short URL’s

Localization Manager
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Localization Manager

One of the key features of the mFLEX.io platform is to let you manage all the localized ads and content within a streamlined-controlled process. You can review and correct text and adjust its size and position. It also has a preview function, you can switch back and forth and see the original design.


At its core, mFLEX.io is designed to streamline the campaign management process for multinational brands. It provides a centralized platform for teams to collaborate, share resources, and access data in real-time, all from a single location. This ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals, and any changes or updates can be made quickly and easily.

The platform is designed with customization in mind, allowing brands to create tailored campaigns that meet the unique needs of their target audience. This means that campaigns can be easily adapted to local market conditions, ensuring that they resonate with consumers in different regions. The ability to customize campaigns also allows brands to stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Overall, mFLEX.io is a powerful platform that offers multinational brands a comprehensive solution for managing their retail partner campaigns. With its cloud-based design, customization options, and real-time collaboration features, it’s the ideal choice for multinational brands looking to streamline their campaign management process and maximize their ROI.

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