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Why we started is an innovative cloud collaboration platform that transforms the way multinational brands collaborate to build, localize, customize, optimize, and deliver retail partner campaigns. It was founded by Dan Frumin, a seasoned entrepreneur and former Microsoft executive with over 30 years of channel and campaign expertise, including two decades of consultancy work for Fortune 100 companies around their global campaign and channel strategies.

The precursor to began in 2021 when Dan and his team were hired by Microsoft Retail to execute their global campaigns. Collaborating closely with the Microsoft team, they started developing a SaaS workflow management platform built on top of Azure. The success and continued partnership with Microsoft Retail led Dan to establish a separate Stealth product-oriented company, which has now experienced a 10-fold increase in the number of employees and revenue, resulting in the official public launch of

What we do empowers multinational brands to work together more effectively and securely than ever before by providing a cloud collaboration platform that enables global marketing teams and their retail partners to seamlessly collaborate on building dynamic campaigns and offers (static and video) tailored to the needs of each market while maintaining consistency and brand integrity. is an innovative solution that represents the future of campaign management for multinational brands. With it’s powerful features and intuitive interface, is poised to become the go-to platform for global brands looking to collaborate more effectively and achieve better results from their campaigns.

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Throughout, they acted like part of the team, not like a vendor. They strategized right along with us and gave us turnkey implementation. Quite a few vendors approached us about supporting this program, but no other marketing company has the skill set. mFlex is an integral part of our success.

Windows Marketing Lead for the Microsoft US OEM Team

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Meet the team
Chief Executive Officer & CTO

Dan Frumin

Chief Executive Officer & CTO

Dan Frumin, is a high-tech executive and serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience, who has successfully launched products, established sales channels, and founded and grown numerous companies. Dan, has worked with many Fortune 100 companies, tackling tough problems that require his unique blend of technical and business skills, as well as his deep ecosystem experience and knowledge of Cloud + IoT technologies.

At, Dan sets the strategic direction and closely collaborates with the product and engineering teams to realize the long-term product vision. Furthermore, he is responsible for the rapid expansion of the team, which has a presence in the United States, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Dan started his career as a marketing and channel executive at Microsoft in the early 1990s, where he ran global marketing campaigns for MSDN and Office and played a pivotal role in launching Microsoft’s VC, Startup, and Incubator programs. Dan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Caltech.


Andreas Ohrbeck


Andreas Ohrbeck is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in leading GTM (Go-to-Market) efforts for technology companies. At, Andreas is responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships, and he is focused on scaling the company’s services to Multinational Companies worldwide.

VP Products

Sebastian Azar

VP Products

Sebastián Azar is a seasoned product leader with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes by prioritizing customer needs and aligning them with company strategy. In his role as head of the Product team, he drives the development of the product vision and roadmap through close collaboration with the customer and engineering teams, as well as cross-functional partners.

VP, Client Success and Operations

Katie Baranchuk

VP, Client Success and Operations

Kateryna Baranchuk is a dynamic leader who heads up the Customer Success team at Her role is to ensure that customers receive an exceptional level of service from a tactical and operational perspective. Kateryna develops the strategy for each client’s success, based on required outcomes and deliverables, and ensures that her team has the processes and tools to achieve them. She plays a vital role in driving customer goals, business transformation, and revenue expansion by ensuring the engagement, success, retention, and growth of’s customers.

VP Engineering

Fabián Bonjour

VP Engineering

Fabián Bonjour is the VP of Engineering at, where he leads and manages the Engineering team. With over a decade of experience in creating marketing solutions, Fabián has developed a deep understanding of how to help customers improve their sales performance and enhance their marketing campaigns with messaging that resonates in the market.

VP Quality, Security and Compliance

Gonzalo Méndez

VP Quality, Security and Compliance

Gonzalo Méndez is the leader of the Quality, Security, and Compliance team at He is responsible for ensuring that engineering processes are continuously innovated to build secure, reliable, and scalable systems. His focus is on paving the way for the team to achieve their goals by overseeing their work and ensuring that it aligns with the company’s objectives.

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